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Mark Noll on InterVarsity’s Grad-Faculty Ministry and the Recovery of the Evangelical Mind

In his most recent book, Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind (Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2011), historian Mark Noll follows up on his lamentations about “the scandal of the evangelical mind’ and casts a vision for a sweeping renewal of Christian intellectual life.  In his earlier book, The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (Grand … Continue reading

Pete Enns’ Final Post on Al Mohler and Evolution

Pete Enns has put up his final post on Al Mohler’s take on evolution.  Here he deals with Mohler’s contentions that evolution undercuts the Gospel and leads to denials of the resurrection, as well as his contention that Genesis and science are talking the same language but saying different things.  Enns argues that belief in … Continue reading

A Great Piece in the NY Times on Evangelical Anti-Intellectualism in America

Karl Giberson and Randall Stephens have written a great Op-Ed piece for the New York Times on fundamentalist anti-intellectualism and the rejection of science in contemporary American culture and politics.  It is definitely worth reading and reflecting upon.  They write: Evangelicalism at its best seeks a biblically grounded expression of Christianity that is intellectually engaged, humble and … Continue reading

Pete Enns on Al Mohler, Adam, Evolution and NPR

Pete Enns has just put up his most recent post on Al Mohler’s views on Adam and Evolution which were aired on NPR about a month ago.  The post is vintage-Pete and should be helpful to anyone who is approaching this question with an open mind.  Here he makes two points: 1) Adam is not … Continue reading

Pete Enns on Al Mohler and the “Apparent” Age of the Cosmos: Two more problems

Pete Enns continues his critque of Al Mohler’s theory that the earth only looks billions of years old.  Today Pete points out 1) that Mohler needs not only to account for why life, the universe and everything looks old, but also for why it looks like it evolved, and 2) that Mohler is arbitrary in which … Continue reading

Jim Wallis’ Open Letter to the Occupiers of Wall Street

Jim Wallis has posted an open letter to the protesters on Wall Street on his Sojourner’s blog.  Wallis has done his fair share of protesting and it is a good word from “a veteran troublemaker” I remember what it feels like to see your movement as a lead story on the evening news every night, … Continue reading

Food for Thought: Robert Gundry on Matthew as Midrash

The NC State’s Graduate Christian Fellowship will be meeting for another Food for Thought dinner on October 23rd.  Over the course of this year we are studying the Gospel According to Matthew during our Tuesday night meetings, which has been a rich, challenging and encouraging time for all of us.  The Gospel of Matthew, when … Continue reading

Pete Enns on Al Mohler and the “Apparent” Age of the Cosmos

Pete Enns has just posted the next installment of his critique of Al Mohler’s views of creation, evolution and the book of Genesis. Mohler argues that the universe just looks billions of years old when, in reality, God created it only about 6,000 years ago with apparent (but not actual) age. Mohler’s view is clearly an ad … Continue reading

Pete Enns Posts On Why Al Mohler is Wrong About the Bible & Evolution…and Why We Should Care

My old teacher Pete Enns has just launched a new website and has begun what promises to be a helpful series on why Al Mohler (President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville) is just plain wrong about the Bible and evolution.  Definitely worth reading. And why do I care what Al Mohler thinks?  I … Continue reading

Epiphany by Pierce & Reagan

My friends Wen and Casey Reagan and Stewart Pierce have just put out their new Christmas album, Epiphany.  I have been waiting for this ever since they put out their first Christmas album, Winter about six years ago.  They’ve redone some of their old arrangements and added a few new tracks, as well.  It’s definitely good stuff.  You … Continue reading

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