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Pete Enns Posts On Why Al Mohler is Wrong About the Bible & Evolution…and Why We Should Care

Rev. R. Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky

My old teacher Pete Enns has just launched a new website and has begun what promises to be a helpful series on why Al Mohler (President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville) is just plain wrong about the Bible and evolution.  Definitely worth reading.

And why do I care what Al Mohler thinks?  I care because Mohler’s voice carries a lot of weight in a large segment of the evangelical community and because I think that his rhetoric, his tactics, and his positions are not only mistaken but that they are actually harmful to the intellectual and spiritual integrity of the evangelical community.  Pete summarizes the issue well:

Driven by his precommitment to biblical literalism, Mohler leaves his audience with an impossible false choice between a Christian faith that must remain in intellectual isolation in order to survive and an intellectual life that has no place for Christian faith.

I care because I believe with all of my heart that a robust Christian faith and a robust intellectual life can and must go hand in hand.  I care because the church ought never to be intellectually isolationist.  I care because I work with graduate students, most of whom are engaged in the natural sciences, and several of whom are engaged in the biological sciences, and who do so with both intellectual integrity and Christian conviction but who are often looked at askance because the evangelical subculture has given far too much credence to Mohler and those of his ilk.  I care because I believe that all truth is God’s truth, and you should, too.



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