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Pete Enns’ Final Post on Al Mohler and Evolution

Pete's book should be out later this fall.

Pete Enns has put up his final post on Al Mohler’s take on evolution.  Here he deals with Mohler’s contentions that evolution undercuts the Gospel and leads to denials of the resurrection, as well as his contention that Genesis and science are talking the same language but saying different things.  Enns argues that belief in evolution is fully compatible with belief in the gospel of Jesus’ resurrection and a high regard for Scripture–including Genesis.  He concludes:

To say this is not to place science “over” the Bible. That is Mohler’s rhetoric, and it should be ignored, for it assumes that the ancient text of Genesis is prepared to answer questions Mohler asks of it.

Christians who accept evolution are not “placing science over the Bible.” They are allowing the distinct voices of both to speak to us, confessing by faith that God is behind them both.



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