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Embarrassed By Hope?: Charlie Clauss on Advent and how to hope intelligently for Jesus’ return

The Last Judgement (1445) by Nicola Delli, in the Catedral Viejo of Salamanca

Charlie Clauss has written a fantastic little piece on the Emerging Scholars blog about the Advent season and about what it looks like to hope intelligently for Jesus’ return.  He writes:

[For] a certain kind of Christian (of which I include myself), talk of “rapture” and even the phrase “Second Coming” provokes a kind of embarrassment. I assume that people hear that kind of talk and assume unkind things about the speaker, especially questioning their intelligence. As one who REALLY wants to be thought of as intelligent, I do not enter into those discussions. “I’m not like those folk who believe Jesus is returning next week.”

You might then imagine how I felt when I discovered that the season of Advent was a time to consider Jesus’ return!

You can read the rest of the post here.



2 thoughts on “Embarrassed By Hope?: Charlie Clauss on Advent and how to hope intelligently for Jesus’ return

  1. Hi, David:

    Found out about your blog through Bracey Fuenzalida, a mutual friend, it turns out. I have been noticing how the traditional prayers for Advent in the Book of Common Prayer focus on the apocalyptic prophecies of both the Old and New Testament. But, people focus so much on the “destruction” of these texts, they miss on the present reality of the New Creation that has begun in Jesus Christ. There is much wisdom in the ancient prayers, that keeps us from embarrassing ourselves like Harold Camping has done!

    Posted by Gregory Soderberg | December 7, 2011, 3:37 pm

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