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Chris Hendricks’ “Affliction”

Last night some friends and I ventured out to the Pour House to catch some live music.  It was a great time.  The first band, Saints Apollo, had a good sound and were a lot of fun.  But the show, I think, was stolen by the next performer, Chris Hendricks.  I had never heard of him and was completely caught off guard by this young man with a powerful voice, some powerful lyrics, a powerful spirit and a powerful story.  His album Noise is on itunes, and it’s all good, but the song you absolutely must hear is “Affliction.”    Here are the lyrics:

One day long ago, mama picked me up from school 

She said, “Son, won’t you tell me what’s bothering you” 
I said, “No, mama no, won’t you leave me be.” 
She said, “Son, you know better than to lie to me.” 
Did they hurt you boy,
no no no no 
Did they curse you boy, 
no no no no 
Did they mock you boy, 
no no no 
What’s there problem then 
Well mom it’s gotta be my…. 
It’s gotta be my…. 
Lets rewind the clock maybe 8 months ago 
When the tracks of my tears were beggin’ for snow 
My angel oh my angel what are you doing this for 
She said I don’t know baby I don’t love you know more 
It’s the way you dress,
oh why oh why 
It’s the way you dance, 
oh why oh why
It’s the way you move
oh why oh why 
Does it matter so much 
Well it’s gotta be my 
It’s gotta be my 
The devil once told me you must stop this message son
I said didn’t you hear Sammy babe a change gonna come 
Now I will be the message my people need you see
And I will give my broken brothers sanctuary
But they will hurt you boy, 
I know I know 
They’ll condemn you boy,
I know I know 
They may kill you boy, 
I know I know 
I’ve gotta Beat it though 
Whoa I’ve gotta beat my 

That’s the music.  Here’s the man who lives it:

I don’t know who needs to hear this guy to get him signed with a record label, but I hope they hear him soon.

God, give all of us the grace, the strength, and the courage to be the message your people need.  Amen, Chris.



One thought on “Chris Hendricks’ “Affliction”

  1. Affliction is a powerful song. I get emotional when i hear it. Chris is very special talented guy with an awsome personality. I’m very proud of him. He’s a great friend.

    Posted by candee | January 29, 2012, 11:20 pm

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