About Resurrecting Raleigh

So here’s the situation: About 2,000 years ago the God of Israel quite unexpectedly raised Jesus of Nazareth from the dead.  It turns out that this wandering rural rabbi who made a career out of healing the broken, loving the pariah, forgiving the offender, offending the religious, shocking the complacent, and saying outlandish things about the Torah was and is not only Israel’s long awaited king, but the King of kings—the world’s true Lord.  Israel had always thought that God would someday take the reins of the universe, renew humanity, and restore the whole world.  Christians believe that with Jesus’ resurrection God has gotten that ball rolling and also that Jesus Himself is the prototype for the renewed humanity that God is making—that His life exemplifies what true life is all about and the life of the world to come.  So ever since that first Easter, Christians have taken Jesus’ resurrection to be the great clue as to “what in the world God is up to,” the answer to the mystery of life, the universe, and everything, and have even taken Jesus himself to be the very embodiment of God; the architect of the cosmos in the flesh.

At any rate, this blog is about figuring out what it means to live out all of life in the light of this mysterious and confounding good news.   My name is David and I am InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s minister for grad students and faculty here at North Carolina State University and Meredith College.  InterVarsity is in the business of seeing “students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed,” and, so, I’ll write a lot about what that work looks like here at State and Meredith.  But this ministry is only a small part of a much bigger picture.  God is renewing the whole world through the renewal of His people, and so this blog is a place for talking about what that looks like both on a global scale—on the geopolitical, ecological, macroeconomic fronts—and on the local scale—that is, what that means for living life and new life right here in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Should be fun.  I hope you’ll join me.




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NCSU Graduate Christian Fellowship

Hi! I'm David, the campus minister for InterVarsity's graduate and faculty ministries at NC State and Meredith College. I hope you'll join me as I learn to "practice resurrection" in the City of Oaks, in her universities, and in the wider world. You can contact me at dmwilliams83@gmail.com

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