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Like most missionary organizations and campus ministries, InterVarsity’s staff are financially dependent upon the generosity of supportive donors like you.  You can support David’s work with the Grad & Faculty Ministries at NC State and Meredith by going to https://donate.intervarsity.org/donate/to/David_Williams or by mailing checks to:

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
P.O. Box 7895
Madison, WI   53707-7895

All checks should be made payable to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and should indicate in the memo line that they are intended for the ministry of “David Williams at NC State.”  Thank you for participating in our mission!



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NCSU Graduate Christian Fellowship

Hi! I'm David, the campus minister for InterVarsity's graduate and faculty ministries at NC State and Meredith College. I hope you'll join me as I learn to "practice resurrection" in the City of Oaks, in her universities, and in the wider world. You can contact me at dmwilliams83@gmail.com

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