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Talking Different Languages: John Calvin on Genesis 1 and Science

The observation that it is hard to square a literal reading of Genesis 1 with science is by no means new.  But that observation has not always been the bur in the Church’s saddle that it seems to be today.  And, in fact, from the very beginning non-literal readings of Genesis 1 have been endorsed … Continue reading

C.S. Lewis on the Bible: Myth, Truth, Fact, and Genesis

If Genesis’s creation stories are mythological, does that mean that the whole Bible is just a myth?  And if Genesis’s early chapters are myth, doesn’t that mean that they are false?  As I showed in my last post in this series, C.S. Lewis thought that, strictly speaking, Genesis’s creation accounts were, in fact, ancient myths which God … Continue reading

C.S. Lewis on the Bible: Genesis and Myth

Is Genesis a myth?  Ever since George Smith discovered and published the ancient Babylonian creation story, Enuma Elish, in 1876, theologians, biblical scholars and informed laypeople have been aware of the fact that the book of Genesis was not written in a literary or cultural vacuum.  As other ancient Near Eastern creation stories have been brought … Continue reading

Was there a historical Adam and Eve?: The debate continues

This spring the NC State InterVarsity Grad & Faculty Ministries will be hosting a conference on what is becoming a pretty hot-topic among evangelicals who have been paying attention to recent developments within the natural sciences, namely, Was there a historical Adam and Eve?  Did Eden exist?  Is Genesis 1-3 myth or history or what?  These … Continue reading

Pete Enns On the Recurring Mistakes in the Adam/Evolution Discussion

Peter Enns just put up a great little post identifying some of the rhetorical maneuvers that obfuscate, rather than clarify, the current Adam/Evolution discussion.

Pete Enns’ Final Post on Al Mohler and Evolution

Pete Enns has put up his final post on Al Mohler’s take on evolution.  Here he deals with Mohler’s contentions that evolution undercuts the Gospel and leads to denials of the resurrection, as well as his contention that Genesis and science are talking the same language but saying different things.  Enns argues that belief in … Continue reading

Pete Enns on Al Mohler and the “Apparent” Age of the Cosmos: Two more problems

Pete Enns continues his critque of Al Mohler’s theory that the earth only looks billions of years old.  Today Pete points out 1) that Mohler needs not only to account for why life, the universe and everything looks old, but also for why it looks like it evolved, and 2) that Mohler is arbitrary in which … Continue reading

Pete Enns on Al Mohler and the “Apparent” Age of the Cosmos

Pete Enns has just posted the next installment of his critique of Al Mohler’s views of creation, evolution and the book of Genesis. Mohler argues that the universe just looks billions of years old when, in reality, God created it only about 6,000 years ago with apparent (but not actual) age. Mohler’s view is clearly an ad … Continue reading

Pete Enns Posts On Why Al Mohler is Wrong About the Bible & Evolution…and Why We Should Care

My old teacher Pete Enns has just launched a new website and has begun what promises to be a helpful series on why Al Mohler (President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville) is just plain wrong about the Bible and evolution.  Definitely worth reading. And why do I care what Al Mohler thinks?  I … Continue reading

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