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Talking Different Languages: John Calvin on Genesis 1 and Science

The observation that it is hard to square a literal reading of Genesis 1 with science is by no means new.  But that observation has not always been the bur in the Church’s saddle that it seems to be today.  And, in fact, from the very beginning non-literal readings of Genesis 1 have been endorsed … Continue reading

The Bible, Human Reason, and their Limits: The Poverty of “Deductive Approaches to Scripture”

By his own admission, Jesus didn’t know everything.  After warning the disciples about the great, apocalyptic trials that were soon to fall upon Jerusalem and about his own parousia, Jesus says, “But about that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Matt 24:36)  And, as … Continue reading

C.S. Lewis on the Bible: God’s Word in (very) human words, Part 2

In my last post I highlighted C.S. Lewis’s take on what it means to approach the Bible humbly: namely, we should first ask honestly and with an open mind, What sort of book has God actually given us and how has He given it?  When we do that, we find that God has given us … Continue reading

The Immaterial Hippopotamus: Rereading the Book of Job on God and Evil, Part 2

Last week I posted the first installment of an essay I wrote on God, suffering and the Book of Job.  In that first post I argued that Job’s contention (accusation?) that God had afflicted Job without cause (Hebrew, hinnam) is basically correct when read against the background of the book’s preface.  To put not too … Continue reading

The Immaterial Hippopotamus: Rereading the Book of Job on God and Evil, Part 1

The other night I had a conversation with some friends about God and suffering: Why does God allow good people to suffer?  I was reminded of a paper that I wrote on the book of Job and I thought I would post it here for anyone who is interested.  You’ll see that I depart pretty … Continue reading

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Hi! I'm David, the campus minister for InterVarsity's graduate and faculty ministries at NC State and Meredith College. I hope you'll join me as I learn to "practice resurrection" in the City of Oaks, in her universities, and in the wider world. You can contact me at dmwilliams83@gmail.com

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