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Dorothy Sayers on a Christian view of work, industry, and economic health: Part I

On April 23rd, 1942, as the German Luftwaffe were beginning a series of devastating air raids on Britain’s cathedral cities, Dorothy Sayers gave a lecture on the Christian view of work and on what a healthy post-war economy might look like.  World War II was a time of great austerity, as people tightened their belts … Continue reading

Vote Yes for Raleigh Transportation and Housing Bonds

The NC State GCF regularly volunteers with Wake County Habitat for Humanity and I have been volunteering with Habitat here and in Durham for some time now.  So Habitat has a special place in our hearts, mine in particular.  Habitat has been providing disadvantaged people with affordable housing for decades, and we can help them … Continue reading

NCSU Graduate Christian Fellowship

Hi! I'm David, the campus minister for InterVarsity's graduate and faculty ministries at NC State and Meredith College. I hope you'll join me as I learn to "practice resurrection" in the City of Oaks, in her universities, and in the wider world. You can contact me at dmwilliams83@gmail.com

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