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Daniel Kirk’s new book: Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?

If you have not read J.R. Daniel Kirk’s Unlocking Romans: Resurrection and the Justification of God, (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2008) stop what you are doing, whatever it is, find a copy of the book–do whatever you have to to get it–and read it immediately.  Yeah.  It’s that good. Daniel Kirk (PhD, Duke University) is professor of New Testament … Continue reading

Review of Mark Noll’s Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind on the Emerging Scholars’ Blog

Tom Trevethan just posted a great review of Mark Noll’s latest book, Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2011), over on the Emerging Scholars’ Blog.  Well worth a read.  This is a challenging and important work for any Christian working in academia and I hope that it gains a wide readership. … Continue reading

Alvin Plantinga on the (Alleged) Conflict Between Faith and Science

Alvin Plantinga, professor emeritus at the University of Notre Dame, has just put out a new book on the conflict between faith and science:  Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, & Naturalism (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011) The New York Times reviewed it this week and it’s looking, as is usual for Plantinga’s work, to … Continue reading

Food for Thought: Nicholas Wolterstorff on “The World for Which We Educate”

On Sunday, September 25th the NC State Graduate Christian Fellowship will gather for our first Food For Thought dinner of the year to eat and wrestle with a challenging lecture by Nicholas Wolterstorff, “The World for Which We Educate.”  Nicholas Wolterstorff is one of the most preeminent Christian philosophers alive today.  Having grown up in the Dutch … Continue reading

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Hi! I'm David, the campus minister for InterVarsity's graduate and faculty ministries at NC State and Meredith College. I hope you'll join me as I learn to "practice resurrection" in the City of Oaks, in her universities, and in the wider world. You can contact me at dmwilliams83@gmail.com

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